Junee Preschool

Statement of Philosophy


The educators of Junee Preschool believe that the children attending the Preschool have the right to a safe, comfortable, enriching, stimulating and supportive environment in which to explore, challenge, problem solve, experiment, socialise and belong. (EYLF Principle1: Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships; NQS Principle – The rights and best interests of the children are paramount.)


We believe that children learn by doing and experiencing, and that they learn best when directing their own learning through their interests and curiosity. We feel that the process of any learning activity or experience is more important than the end product of the activity. ( EYLF Practice 2 and 3: responsive to children, and planning and implementing learning through play)


We value our families and community and welcome their input into our service. We understand that families know their children best and that by forming a partnership with families we are supporting children’s learning more effectively. Educators at Preschool believe that it is important to provide a warm, inviting environment where all stakeholders feel respected and welcome. Also, it is important for children to feel they are part of their community, and, to do this, need to engage with different members of the community in the Preschool environment and out in the community itself. (NQS Principle: role of parents and families is respected and supported; EYLF Principle 2: partnerships)


We recognise the importance of diversity in our society and enjoy exploring cultural and ethnical diversity as well as differing abilities. We believe that all children have the right to have access to a quality educational experience, and that it is our job to ensure all children are able to participate and get the most out of the activities and experiences that occur at Preschool. EYLF Principle 4: respect for diversity; NQS Principles – Equity, inclusion and diversity underpin the framework, Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures are valued.)


We believe that early learning is very important in children’s development. We also respect children as individuals, who are capable of directing their own learning and making independent decisions. These beliefs mean that we provide an environment in which decision-making and individual choice are encouraged. We respect the children’s ideas and understandings and use them as a basis for our program. We believe that children learn more effectively when their interest is engaged. (EYLF Principle 3: high expectations and equity; NQS Principle – Children are successful, competent and capable learners.)


We feel that the outdoors, and natural environment, play an important role in children’s learning. We believe that children really enjoy the freedom of being outside and that the natural environment provides endless learning opportunities for children to engage with. (EYLF Practice 5: creating physical and social learning environments that have a positive impact on children’s learning.)


Finally, the educators at Junee Preschool value belonging to a team that is committed to providing quality education. We each bring unique knowledge, understanding and skills to our team and learn from each other constantly. We believe it is necessary to question our practice in order to improve the service we provide. We engage in continual training and learning to give the children attending Junee Preschool the best educational experience we can give. (EYLF Principle 5: ongoing learning and reflective practice; NQS Principle – Best practice is expected in the provision of education and care services.)