Newsletter June 2016


Thanks to Daniel Wattie, we have a new kitchen for our mud play area! And haven’t we been putting it to good use?! Mud play is a fantastic sensory activity. It enhances the development of children’s imaginations and critical thinking, as well as their problem solving and creativity.

Mud play builds essential social skills, as well as introducing children to maths and literacy concepts (e.g., descriptions of how the mud feels, and stories of what they are making with the mud, counting the number of cups of mud needed for the mud pie recipe, etc).

Research has now indicated that along with these benefits, outdoor play such as mud play can reduce anxiety and stress in children, and that bacteria in the soil (Mycobacterium Vaccae) actually stimulate the immune system to release serotonin - the feel good hormone. The same good little bacteria is also beneficial to the immune system itself, which means less susceptibility to illness.

Along with all this IT’S FUN!!! I bet you can remember making mud pies yourself! The children have been really enjoying mud play in the new kitchen, and the weather has been especially good for making mud to play in!

To keep children warm and dry while we are getting the benefits of mud and outdoor play, we are asking for GUMBOOTS and WEATHER PROOF CLOTHING. We would love any gumboots, coats or water proof pants that families could donate, to put next to the mud pit for use when the children are getting creative in the mud. If you have any that you don’t need we would really appreciate them. If your child would like to bring their own each day to wear outside that would be great too.


Its with a lot of sadness that we say goodbye to Carla who has worked with us for the last 5 years. Carla has been a very special educator, who is always calm, kind and caring, and we will miss her very much. We wish her safe and speedy delivery of her baby, and wish her and her family all the happiness in the world!!



On Thursday, 16 June, we went to the High School to see their production of A Grim Tale. We were so impressed by the students playing music, dancing singing and acting! The production featured many of the Brothers Grim fairy tales in their original, and sometimes, gruesome form. 

Continuing the contact with the High School, we have also had two visits from High School students doing Child Studies. They have been reading with us and joining in our activities, as well as bringing special activities of their own.



On Monday, 27 June we had a visit from Deadly Australians, a show designed to educate children about the dangerous animals found around Australia. The children got to see live snakes, both venomous and non-venomous, turtles, spiders, centipedes, and other creatures, both alive and preserved. 

The children learnt interesting facts about Australian animals, and what to do when bitten by a snake or spider and how to stay safe from the deadly critters they may find in their backyards. They also got to pat a carpet python!


Friday, 1 July - Last day of term 2

Monday, 18 July - Pupil free day (Preschool closed for staff development)

Tuesday, 19 July - Children’s first day for term 3

Monday, 15 August - 9.30am The Big Bag Show

Friday, 26 August - 2pm Wuruniri Show

Saturday, 10 September - Little Groovers on the Green 

Friday, 23 September - Last day for term 3.